The last decade or so has seen a move towards a more holistic view of health. I, for one, have never understood the dualist approach of mind and body as separate entities…Working with people on a daily basis, it is impossible not to see how the psyche affects the body and vice versa – it’s very difficult to be in a great mood when you’re in pain. Likewise, it’s unlikely that you’ll be in great physical shape if you’re depressed or stressed.

We know that a stressful thought will increase heart rate, bloody pressure and cortisol levels. We also know laughter and meditation do the opposite. So what can we conclude from this? Perhaps that we cannot be anywhere else but in our bodies and that every thought and emotion we have will physically affect us in one way or another. On the other end of the scale we must also realise that doing healthy physical activities like walking, yoga or anything we really enjoy will also affect us emotionally because our minds and bodies are intertwined. We cannot be anywhere else – so get connected!


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