Pelvic Health Issues

Many of you will have had one of those “whoopsie” moments –maybe when you ventured onto the kids’ trampoline -but although you may joke about it to your friends, when things go wrong in your pelvic area it impacts your quality of life, your mental health and your relationships.

Incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, dyspareunia, chronic pelvic pain, pudendal neuralgia, IC, endometriosis, sexual dysfunction – the list goes on.

Yet patients often suffer in silence for years either through embarrassment, because they have an expectation that it is “normal” or they simply don’t want to make a fuss.

Women’s Health Matters 

Even when they do speak up, they can be passed from specialist to specialist before ultimately finding someone who can help. Often this will be a specialist women’s health physiotherapist like myself as we have so much in our toolbox to help you.

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*members of the POGP, AACP, BSLM and BABCP

We Can Help 
Perhaps you need hands-on release work or postural alignment to get your pelvis in a better position and take stress off the structures involved. Maybe we can help you understand the effect stress and lifestyle has on your symptoms or use CBT to assist you come to terms with a long-term condition. We have so many ways to help you live your life free from pain and embarrassment…and with the fun added back in –trampoline anyone?


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Our appointments can be easily booked online. however if you have any questions about your condition, our treatments or anything else you would like to discuss prior to booking give us a call on 07971 11 585 or email us and we’ll be in touch asap!

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