In the same way that putting the correct fuel in your car is vital, we need to understand the importance of fuelling our own bodies with the key nutrients we require at different phases of our lives.I have women coming in daily who are not enjoying living in their own body, with little idea of why things are like this or, more importantly,how to fix them. To continue with the car analogy, you might get your car washed and polished regularly but if you never check the oil or tyre pressure and fail to get it serviced it isn’t going to be a smooth ride.

Equally, we can happily spend serious time and money on our external appearance without any thought for what is happening internally… until problems arise.

Tailored to you

So, when you come to see us we look at what time of life you are in – from teen to post-menopausal – as every phase has different nutritional and activity needs. You cannot get away with the things you did as a teenager when you’re going through menopause! You also need very different nutrition as a breastfeeding new mum than when you are a few years down the line after having children.

We undertake an assessment to identify your current nutritional requirements and deficiencies. Then we work with you to devise a simple plan that you can follow to nurture your body and fulfill your needs, whether that’s to increase your energy, lose some fat around the middle or sort out your gut issues. We also work closely with a functional medicine trained nutritional therapist should you have more specialised needs and will refer when needed.


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