The Mummy MOT

When you have a baby your focus is totally on your new child and understandably so.

However, you are at your most vulnerable after you’ve had a baby and post-natal care is essential to get you fit, strong and healthy so you can, not only cope with the demands of motherhood, but enjoy your baby too.

We believe quality post-natal care is a necessity, so with The Mummy MOT we look after you so you can look after your baby.

Its Never Too Late

Even if it’s been many years since your delivery it’s never too late for us to assess and support you if you’re still having issues; whether that’s with pain in your back and hips, incontinence or return to intimacy. We can help you.

The Assessment
The Mummy Mot is a comprehensive post-natal assessment covering the pelvic floor, posture – including movement patterns, a tummy gap check and screening for any other concerns you have. You will be given advice on best lifting and carrying methods, education on safe return to exercise and lifestyle changes, and support to help you adjust to your new arrival.


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Our appointments can be easily booked online. however if you have any questions about your condition, our treatments or anything else you would like to discuss prior to booking give us a call on 07971 11 585 or email us and we’ll be in touch asap!

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