Is it ME… or is it Menopause?

One of the best kept secrets in health today is the impact menopause has on women, their relationships and their long-term health.
Despite advances in this field and evidence that help is at hand, millions of women suffer needlessly. Misdiagnosis is rife and many women are prescribed anti-depressants (to no avail) for what are, in fact, peri-menopausal symptoms. Meanwhile, others don’t get access to correct medication and education to support their long-term heart and bone health. 
A fundamental part of my mission is to help women (age 35+) understand what they are going through is normal and part of a cycle of change that can be empowering if handled correctly, and that there is a lot they can do to alleviate symptoms and protect their health longer term.
 I’m a member of The British Menopause Society, working closely with doctors who are specialists in menopause and I will refer when necessary. Education about exercise and nutrition is a key factor to put you back in the driving seat when hormones (or a lack thereof) have taken over, as is using evidence-based tools like acupuncture and CBT to alleviate common symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, headaches and insomnia

I am a strong advocate that “knowledge is power”so let me share some of the symptoms listed on the Green Climateric Scale (a measure of menopause symptoms) that you might not have known were related to menopause:

  • Heart beating quickly or strongly
  • Feeling tense or nervous
    Difficulty sleeping
    Attacks of anxiety and panic
    Difficulty concentrating
     Tiredness or lacking energy
     Loss of interest in most things
    Feeling unhappy or depressed
     Crying spells
     Feeling dizzy or faint
    Pressure or tightness in the head
    Numbness in parts of the body
    Achy joints and muscles
     Loss of feeling in the hands or feet
     Breathing difficulties
    Hot flashes
    Night sweats
    Low libido … 

and that is just for starters!


A more comprehensive list includes things like weight gain, burning tongue, ringing in the ears, irregular periods, incontinence, itchy crawly skin, digestive issues/bloating, hair loss or thinning at the same time as the joy of facial hair appearing, worsening allergies… oh yes and vaginal dryness!

These are not fun things BUT there is a lot that can be done about them.

Sadly, I have seen women emerge from menopause physically / mentally unwell, often with broken relationships. It does NOT need to be that way. We need to speak up and educate ourselves and our families/ friends about what we are going through and how best to help us so that we come through it intact and empowered.

We are here to help, but don’t just ask for help, shout out and demand it.


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